Welcome to the Maidu Neighborhood Association!

Maidu Neighborhood Association

The 7 pm February 23rd Maidu NA meeting will be held via Zoom.

The Zoom link will be posted on this site on the Events/Meetings page (see the tab, above) about 24 hours before the meeting.

The Maidu Neighborhood Association meets at 7 p.m., usually on the 4th Tuesday of each month (no meeting in December or if the Board approves a change).  During this time of COVID-19, we continue to meet online.

Join 22nd Annual Garage Sale on Saturday, April 24th

 On Saturday, April 24th you will have the pick of the best this neighborhood has to offer.  Through social media, newspapers, and volunteers on street corners handing out sale location maps, we invite people to come to your very own garage sale. You supply the stuff and location, and we provide advertising, how-to information, and a pair of balloons filled with helium to mark your location (requires going to central balloon-filling location). And either way, buying or selling (or both!) you are helping support the Maidu Neighborhood Association. See our form, below, for how to become a part of this event. And thank you for your support of our fund raiser!

2021 Garage Sale Registration

Telephone #____________________________
Street Address_______________________________________________
_____$10 enclosed for April 24th Garage Sale which supports the Maidu Neighborhood Association events during the year.
_____I do not plan to participate, but I would like to donate $____ to the Maidu Neighborhood Association.
_____I would like to help with map distribution or filling of balloons the day of the sale.
_____I would like to donate a raffle prize. I understand each person or business donating will be acknowledged in print.

Make your check out to Maidu Neighborhood Association. Send form & check to
Mary Steele, Treasurer
1390 Cloverdale Circle
Roseville, CA 95661
by April 19th to get your address listed on the map.
Questions?  Send email to feedback(at)maiduna.com