Board of Directors & Officers:

President Alan Bartley
Vice President – vacant
Secretary and Facebook Administrator – vacant
Treasurer – Mary Steele
Board Member and Newsletter Editor – Scott Reid
Board Member, Watchmail Host, RCONA Rep – Jim Kidd
Board Member – Melinda Shrader
Board Member – Mary Hoff-Ernst
Board Member – Vicki Miller
Board Member – Shirley Brown



Half the Board positions will be up for election in October of any even-numbered year, and the other half will be up for election in October of the odd-numbered years.

The positions of Newsletter Editor, Webmaster, Facebook Administrator, RCONA Representative and Alternate RCONA Representative are ones appointed by the Board.  A Board member may serve an elected term, ending when indicated in the right column above, and have an appointed position which does not have a term end except as determined by the Board.

To contact any board member please use our contact form here

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