Who speeds in our neighborhood?

It can worry you when you suddenly feel a car rush by when you’re working in your front yard, or you’re enjoying a look at the weather out your front window and someone abruptly goes flying by.  Who are those people?

Police have set speed traps in our neighborhood and others on occasion, and they tell us that most of the people they ticket when they do that are…us.

Why does it happen?

Residents and frequent guests in an area are often the source of most poor driving – most especially, speeding! This is simply because residents make up the vast majority of the drivers on local streets, and residents are familiar with the streets and assume they know what conditions will be present as they drive in the area. Drivers unfamiliar with an area often drive more slowly in order to read house numbers and street name signs and to identify turns needed to reach their destination.

Neighborhood traffic concerns arise from drivers speeding or disregarding other safe-driving practices. Safety of children is a primary concern. The solution to such concerns often lies primarily in the hands of the neighborhood residents.

What Can Residents Do to Improve Traffic Safety?

  • Pay attention and drive carefully.
  • Obey the speed limit – 25mph – no faster!
  • Set a good example and remind your guests and neighbors to do the same.
  • Remind residents at your Neighborhood Watch meetings to use caution when driving through the neighborhood.
  • Residents may also assist in promoting traffic safety by reporting stolen or vandalized signs, potholes, debris in the street or other concerns.

Let’s work together to remain a safe neighborhood and respect the neighborhood safety laws.